June 30, 2021 Daniel Dickey

STREAMING God's Thoughts

STREAMING God's Thoughts

Presenting a New Series from Hannon FWB Church

Time to Read: 7 minutes

STREAMING God's Thoughts

Volume I - Issue 1

The heavens declare the glory of God;

And the firmament shows His handiwork.

Day unto day utters speech,

And night unto night reveals knowledge.

-Psalm 19:1–2

Hello and welcome to the first edition of STREAMING God’s Thoughts. Great, what is it? What is with that title? Okay, so you are the inquisitive type. I like that. Let me explain the title and purpose.


In this case, STREAMING is an acronym that represents the topics that we will be discussing in this series. Ready? Take a deep breath. Through Biblical Lenses, we will be exploring Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, the Internet, Neurotechnology, and Gaming. There is a need for a Christian voice within these areas as secular views are eroding the foundations upon which they are built. Here is a quick glance at each topic.


As we take a deeper look you will see that the Bible and science are not competing views. When we view the world from a Biblical perspective, we can make sense of the universe around us. We will look at the history of science and the many Christians that made contributions. Join us as we uncover truths that shake the faith of evolutionists, skeptics, and materialists.


Hold on tight! Human knowledge doubled every century until 1900, doubled every 25 years by the end of World War II, just a few short years ago it doubled at an average of every 13 months and today it doubles at an average of every 12 hours. During a prophetic passage about end times, Daniel 12:4 says that “many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Another aspect we will explore is technology found in the Bible. You might just be surprised at what we find.


Here many fields come together “breathing life” into machines and automating the world around us. With this excitement also comes many questions about how far we can take robotics, the ethical issues we will face, and what it really means to be human. We will explore how secular and Christian worldviews differ when it comes to the capabilities of robots and artificial intelligence.


There have been some impressive feats in engineering, but we have not come close to reproducing many of the marvels found in creation. People are looking at creation for the actual details to design and engineer innovative new products but most refuse to give God credit. Oscar Wilde said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”


One definition of art is “the making of objects, images, music, etc. that are beautiful or that express feeling.” Francis Schaeffer said, “Art is a reflection of God’s creativity, an evidence that we are made in the image of God.” We will examine art found in the Bible. Discover great Christian artists of the past and present. And we might as well jump into the middle of the great philosophical debate on whether there is an objective view of beauty or if it is only in the eye of the beholder?


Some have posed the question, “Is God a mathematician?” That is a fair question as universal mathematical truths are discovered rather than invented. We see it in the laws of physics, fractals, even the Fibonacci sequence. How can we look at the golden ratio found in nature and not stand in awe? We will also look at how statistics show strong evidence for a Creator and the improbability, you could say the impossibility, of evolution.


We will take an honest look at the Internet including the good, the bad and the ugly. Find out how you can use it as a force for good. I believe the Apostle Paul would have used the Internet to spread the Gospel if it existed in his time. Go into all the World Wide Web and preach the Gospel. If Matthew 28:19-20 was a Web address it would be TheGreat.com/mission. Um, yeah some of you get it… anyway, you will also be introduced to some great Christian resources online.


Neuro-what-now? Neurotechnology is any device that images or stimulates the brain. Some brain-computer interfaces are incredible blessings especially for the handicap. But there are some ethical issues that will need addressed? What is the mind? What is consciousness? Is there actually free will or is it an illusion? Could something as complex as the human brain and the nervous system evolve by random chance? Does the Bible hold the answers?


Last but not least, we will look at the video game industry from a Christian worldview. Playing video games is insanely popular and continues to grow. According to a recent report, the global gaming market reached a value of $167.9 Billion in 2020. We are going to navigate these tricky digital waters with scripture as our guide. Game on!

God's Thoughts

The second part of “STREAMING God’s Thoughts” relates to a quote from the great mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630). When Kepler was asked what he was doing during his astronomical research he said that he was merely “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” Great thinkers like Kepler believed an intelligent Creator designed all things from the beginning and therefore the laws of nature must be orderly and follow logical patterns. That belief served them well in their scientific discoveries.

Join us again next time as we explore “God’s thoughts” and discover the wonders of His handiwork.