Visiting Hannon FWB Church

Welcome Visitors, We're Glad You're Here

We know that sometimes visiting a church for the first time can make people a little uneasy and disorienting. We want you to feel welcome here at Hannon FWB Church. So let's start with what you can expect.


We have open parking so you're welcome to choose any open spot then enter double doors leading into the foyer closest to where you parked. If it's raining you can pull under the porte-cochère (just a fancy name for canopy) on the East side of the building. This will lead into our fellowship hall where you can then walk down the hallway to your right and turn right into the foyer. Someone will be happy to direct you and your family to the right place.

There should be someone there to greet you, give you a bulletin if one is available and answer any questions you may have.


Both Sunday School and our worship service last about an hour. The Sunday morning worship is a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary praise and worship songs. Sunday School is a great setting where iron sharpens iron and a way to go deeper into God's Word while connecting with other Christians. Evening services are also around one hour in length and is a mix of teaching, preaching and Bible study.


On Sunday morning our nursery staffed with responsible and loving workers who have been vetted for the task of caring for your young children. Older children and young adults have classes that teach Bible lessons that are age appropriate so each person is taught at a level they can understand.


We take security and safety seriously at Hannon. Doors are locked at a specific time, cameras are monitored and trained security team members are posted throughout the premises.